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Blue Marlin Advisors LLC is an investment boutique that offers both active and smart-passive investment and smart-active trading strategies for private and institutional clients.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we have a fiduciary duty to put our clients’ best interests first and adhere to principles and standards as set forth by the regulatory governing bodies.

The three founders bring expertise in many areas and work well to design and implement a strategic portfolio for you. Our combined long-standing experience in global financial markets has taught us that there is always a bull market and a bear market somewhere. Likewise, there are always avoidable traps.

However, avoiding market traps that can otherwise lead to scathing portfolio drawdowns means having a repeatable process that on an ongoing basis adjusts the portfolios to current market reality.

At Blue Marlin Advisors we believe the average client portfolio does not have to lose 50% each time the economy runs into a recession or stocks experience a bear market. We also know that strategic planning can even continue to see solid results in less than ideal market conditions.

A proactive, repeatable process to the markets over time should allow portfolios to significantly outperform the outdated ‘blindly buy and hold come hell or high water’ approach that in the industry sadly is still being applied to the majority of client portfolios.

Our clients come from all stages of life and all backgrounds; From retirees to young families, to institutional investors such as family offices and beyond.

Please contact us for a commitment-free consultation on how we can help you achieve your financial goals.

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What makes us different

BMA understand the global interconnectedness of markets. Long gone are the days where one could ignore ‘happenings’ from overseas. Correlation among global and domestic markets has notably increased as the speed of information, the advent of trading algorithms as well as structural shifts in market behavior changed the investing landscape.

To put it bluntly, to ignore these global factors is to ignore reality and thus risk unnecessarily deep portfolio drawdowns. In other words, the old and rather static ‘60/40 model’ (60% of the portfolio is allocated to stocks, 40% allocated to bonds) is dead.

The reality is that one can either stubbornly apply outdated models to the modern markets, or one can adjust to the new realities and respect the market environment that is in front of us.

Global macro and sector & group rotation is how markets work as money is constantly looking for the most opportune pockets to be allocated to. Our proactive approach to the financial markets and portfolio management focuses on avoiding big market drawdowns by staying ahead of the curve.

The Blue Marlin Advisors strategies focus on both capital appreciation and income generation, all the while respecting the number one goal; capital preservation.

The bottom line is this….

Our goals for client portfolios: Minimizing volatility yet allowing for maximum upside potential, with a core focus on capital preservation.

Our unique approach to the markets

At Blue Marlin Advisors we apply a so called ‘top-down’ approach the markets and portfolio management. Such an approach understands and respects the fact that the dog wags the tail and not the other way around.

More succinctly as it relates to markets, a top-down philosophy to markets dictates that it is more important to be allocated to the right asset class or sector or group of stocks, rather than trying to pick single stocks regardless of how their respective sector is performing. For example; most stocks in the industrial sector will go up if the sector is rallying. Thus, getting the direction of the sector right is of paramount importance for without this one is fighting a trend.

We constantly monitor trends and trend changes of asset classes (stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies) as well as sectors and groups of stocks in multiple durations. Based on those movements we then hone in on single stocks or ETFs that fit the broader trends of their respective sectors. Such an approach allows us to allocate money in a proactive but not a hyperactive fashion.

The stock market is highly correlated. Correlation is even higher within sectors and groups of stocks. Thus it is imperative to notice which sectors/groups are about to move and less so which individual stocks.

How BMA Manages Risk

While we embrace a healthy level of risk taking, we feel a comprehensive risk management plan is essential to successfully managing assets through all types of market conditions. BMA has developed a system of sector/group and asset class analysis and overall market indicators to use as a guide to shift assets when necessary to minimize risk while taking advantage of the sectors in the market that offer the greatest risk-adjusted return.

We utilize a systematic review of the overall market and various other factors by the BMA investment team.

We review our overall portfolio weekly/quarterly and make necessary adjustments when necessary. Our primary objective is to be out of sectors that pose the greatest risk to your portfolio. We alter the portfolio’s weighted allocation based on our thorough analysis. We make these changes only when necessary and take into consideration the tax implications of portfolio adjustments.

For new investments added to a client’s portfolio, we factor in the client’s risk tolerance, tax situations, and how new investments will enhance the portfolio performance without increasing the portfolio’s risk beyond the added value.

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